CV – Janek Zavatski

41 Leahurst Road, Hither Green, SE13 5HX London, United Kingdom
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Personal Statement

I am a highly motivated multimedia specialist who can manage all levels of multimedia production from planning to publish. Last year I was working with e-learning environment and producing e-learning clips from scratch. I have the ability to work efficiently both, in teams and independently. I am familiar with professional broadcast, live stream and audio-visual systems like cameras, mixers, lavalier microphones, teleprompters, video projectors, LCD and LED screens and ARRI film light equipment. I am efficiently professional Adobe Claude user and can edit, cap, title or subtitle video clips and publish to web or iTunes. Also I have a pedagogical background with science and economic teaching and didactics knowledge, with helps me design knowledge-based e-learning courses.

I possess an experience also in users’ training. From my former experience working with Tallinn City Council intranet, Canon ProShop, and Univocus e-learning system, I wrote user guides, established relevant procedures and provided users’ training. I did it in a customer-oriented manner, and my ultimate goal was to deliver friendly customer service.

Key Skills

  • Design and Multimedia – After Effects, Adobe Flash, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, Keynote, Corel Draw, GIMP, Adobe Claude, Corel Draw, Premiere Pro CC;
  • Operation Systems – Windows, Android, OS X, iOS, Linux;
  • Office Software – Open Office, MS Project, MS Office 2013;
  • Film equipment – Canon EOS 5D M3, 6D, C100, C300.


Work Experience

Project Manager, writer, editor, technical consultant, Smoked Sparrow OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia (2012 to 2015)

My responsibilities were:

  • Production of e-learning web clips
  • Creating video tutorials for Tallinn City Council, Elion (Estonian biggest telecommunication company, member of group Telia Sonera)
  • Interviewing people in culture events for video blog
  • Camera operator and video editor
  • Purchasing of hardware and software, licencing
  • Canon Pro Shop – Overall Eesti AS (Estonian Official Canon technics reseller) – Teaching in practical workshops customers, photographers and public relations specialists to work with Canon DSLR’s.


Leading specialist in public relations department, Tallinn City Council, Tallinn, Estonia (2007 to 2012)

My main tasks and activities were:

  • Project management and coordinating of MS SharePoint based Tallinn City Council Intranet
  • Creating multimedia clips
  • Converting videos to different formats
  • Outsourcing to independent IT service providers and supervising them
  • Drafting and maintaining technical documentation and user manuals for systems and applications in operation
  • Contributing to drafting technical specifications for tender procedures and participating in the evaluation
  • Contributing to the planning of maintenance activities to the MS SharePoint Intranet environment
  • Contributing to drafting and validating technical designs in particular for the Tallinn City Media server infrastructure.
  • Contributing to the technical library and ensuring the consistency with existing policies
  • Defining new and improving existing processes for IT support
  • Creating Tallinn City reports and statistical analyses’ database


Webmaster in Estonian biggest daily newspaper Postimees, Postimees AS, Tartu, Estonia (2005 to 2007)

Content editing in news portal, frontpage administration, photo editing with Photoshop.


Project Manager, Macrotec, Tartu, Estonia (2005 to 2007)

Web Project Management and website development for real estate companies and e-shop development and everyday management.


Project Manager, Webmarket, Tallinn (2003 to 2006)

Web project management, corporate identity design, designing web pages and banners. Working with schools e-learning environment.


University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia

MSc program: Computer Engineering in Faculty of Science and Technology (41 ECTS) – currently on academic leave.

Subjects – English B2 > C1; Social Aspects of Information Technology, Hardware Components; Optoelectronic Devices; Artificial Intelligence; Computer Organization; Practical Work in Robotics; Computer Hardware Project – Distance driving system for submarine


University of Tartu, Tartu

Master’s degree: Entrepreneurship and Technology Management (111 ECTS) – all program is ended, but masterwork is in progress.

Subjects – Marketing of Innovative products and services; Software Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Busines Information Systems; Project Management; Organisational Culture; Internet Marketing; Quality Management; Technology Strategy Methods; Intellectual Property Rights; Licensing; Protection of Trademarks and Products; Key Technologies, Nanotechnologies; Transgenic Technologies; Management of Knowledges; Moderating Group Processes


University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia (240 ECTS)
2001 to 2005

University degree: Teacher of Science in Basic School (mathematics physics and information technologies) four years programme

Subjects: System Administration; Statistical Analysis; Multimedia; MS Access; Network Technology; Optics; Optics; Mathematical Logic; Electricity and Magnetism; Discrete Mathematics; Calculus; Probability; Survey Sampling in Research; Russian Language)


Virumaa College, Kohtla-Jarve, East-Estonia (127 ECTS)
1997 to 2001  Teacher of mathematics, physics and information technologies in Basic School

Subjects: German; Calculus; Linear algebra; Physics; Informatics; Geometry; Programming;  Algebra; Mathematical Logic; Wireless Technology.


Estonian/Russian – mother tongue

English – professional working language

German – basic level

Social skills and competences

I have excellent communication skills in all fields of communication, for example:

  • Multilingual communication, including Indian and Russian programmers through the web development projects and;
  • First line user support and problem-solving in Tallinn City Council through personal consulting;
  • Meetings to provide better service with Intranet IT-service providers, software developers, and hardware department;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in project management duties;
  • Assisting Intranet and Univocus e-learning system administrators and users;
  • Consulting public relations specialists for creating and publishing corporate web clips.

Organisational skills and competences

I organized and managed working groups for example:

  • Leadership Intranet administrator group (30 members);
  • Management of Tallinn City Council Taxi Commission working site – in pragmatic way it simplified the work of Taxi Commission;
  • Set up web managed Tallinn Information Screens network and backup system;
  • Drafting a technical documentation and working duties for information screens technical workers;

I am a proactive person, for example, I developed Intranet automatic restart system to avoid server delays.

Technical skills and competences

 I have analytical thinking, creativity for solving problems, extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in the IT field. For example:

  • I have excellent problem-solving skills to find and determine fast and creative solutions for software, server or client side problems from my previous experience in Tallinn City Council;
  • I have excellent presentation, and idea selling skills gained through studying in entrepreneurship and technology management;
  • I have didactics skills to consult software and hardware users as I am teacher by profession;
  • I have knowledge in reading and writing IT-service contracts from my previous experience in Tallinn City Council;
  • I have 5 years public sector working experience;
  • I have excellent communication skills with customers across all levels of the organisation from my previous experience;
  • I have strong orientation to results and the ability to meet tight deadlines and targets under pressure;
  • I have good skills to organise independently a number of parallel activities and follow through until their completion, as I have been working and studying at the same time;
  • I am able to promote innovative ideas for the improvement of the IT operations, gained through development of start-ups;
  • I am flexible in taking over other tasks and work in team;
  • I can manage workload and work independently;
  • I am a good team player with the ability to find solutions in both sides;
  • I have experience in working together with external IT providers in the second and third line support;

 Other skills and competences

Computer Engineering, Robotics, Hardware Support, Service Design, Artificial Intelligence, Technology Management, Project Management, Consultants, Marketing, Telecommunication, Web Project Management, Teaching.

I am flexible, which means that, to ensure sufficient backup for the service, I can be available outside regular business hours. For example from my former experience, in cases when the live broadcast was supposed to end during night and it needed to be supervised, or the server updates had to be done outside active working time, I was available.

Multicultural experience

I have experience working in multicultural teams from my previous posts working as Project Manager. For example, when I was working for Digitugi OÜ, I supervised an Indian and Russian programmers, who coded websites for this company. Another example is, when I was working for Smoked Sparrow OÜ, where I had several times international projects – for instance international culture festivals, like PÖFF (Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival), BALT/NORD 3D and VFX Networking Forum and Jõhvi Ballet Festival. I was producing web clips and commercial materials for those festivals. The work included taking interviews and editing material in English and Russian languages.

The other source of multicultural experience, I have gained is, through studying. For example, part of my Entrepreneurship and Technology Master programme was held in English, as the lecturers were from abroad. I completed all the requested team works during the courses and passed those subjects very well. The subjects were: Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Business Strategies.

In the Digital Catapult London Centre this year in March, I participated in Environmental Data Exchange Hackathon and our multicultural team received Programme Contributor Award for the Personal Pollution Monitor prototype.

I have also taken several international e-learning courses. For example, I completed 11-week online course for Programming in Python this year in May. I completed the course with Distinction from Michigan University, USA. The course demanded much international communication for achieving high results.

Honours and awards

  • Green Wave – 3rd prize in Energy and Resource Efficiency Competition Negawatt (as a team member of 4 people)
  • Digital Catapult London Centre – Environmental Data Exchange Hackathon program contributor award for a team: Smog Dodgers Polly – Personal Pollution Monitor (as a team member of 3 people)

Hobbies & Interests

 I like to do different kind of sports – Gaelic football, bicycling, skiing, skating. As a member of Estonian
The Gaelic football team, I have been involved in the international level of amateur competitions.


References are available upon request.